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Additional Income Through Credit Cards and Tips


How to Create Additional Income for your Dog Daycare using Credit Cards and Tips.

The most basic way to increase the gross sales at your Dog Daycare is to increase the convenience for your customers. The easiest way to do this is by insuring that you accept credit cards. Accepting credit cards also lends to the professionalism of your facility, as any truly professional business in today's society is expected to take credit cards.

There is also the fact that, as much as 50% of total sales will be paid for using either Master Card or Visa. Yes I know that all credit card processing companies charge a small percentage, 1½%-2 ¼% in most cases, but the additional sales that you are able to generate because you offer a convenient method of payment will more than make up for this.


Accepting Credit Cards reduces loss and theft.

Aside from offering potential clients a convenient and modern way to pay for the services you provide, there is another huge advantage to accepting credit cards and that is that by accepting credit cards at a dog daycare you cut down on loss and theft. In the typical day at a busy facility you can have over a 100 individual transactions take place, unless you desire being glued to the counter instead of managing the operation of your facility and employees, you are going to have to entrust your employees with the ability to check-in and check-out customers. 

By accepting credit cards you seriously decrease the ability for employees to steal cash coming in, or for them to lose checks on a desk full of paperwork. Credit card acceptance also serves to reduce bounced checks, with a credit card once you swipe it through the machine the processing company provides a transaction i.d. and either the money is there or it isn't, no more releasing the dog only to find out days later that the check was no good and your stuck with the additional bounced check fees from the bank. Credit cards also serve to create a sound transaction record that you can review at the end of the day.

Another way to add additional revenue to your facility with credit cards is with tips.


Increasing Revenue with Credit Cards Through Tips

Dog Daycare follows the basic business model of any service business. You don't really provide a tangible take home product and your customers are not paying for merchandise. They are paying for a service just like they would at a barber shop, grooming shop or any other service related business and as such you will often times find yourself on the receiving end of tips.

The absolute easiest way to generate as much as several thousand dollars a year in extra revenue is to contact your credit card processing company and insure that your credit card machine prints out a receipt that leaves a place for your customers to add a tip when they pay by credit card. You don't have to hound your customers for a tip or mention it to them, it's right there on the slip and it subtlety places the thought in their minds and about 80% of individuals will leave something just as a matter of habit.

This is a non-obtrusive and inoffensive way to generate additional revenue for your Dog Daycare. Remember America is a tip friendly society where every where you go people are asking for a little bit extra. Even a coffee shop that charges $8.00 for a cup of java has the audacity to place a tip jar on the counter when all they did was make a cup of coffee, not really provide a service. You, on the other hand, provide a real service. People trust you to take care of something they love; something that means the world to them. That something is their dogs and you will spend your entire day doing just that. There is nothing wrong with collecting a little extra when you worked hard for it and it is freely given.


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