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Profit & Loss Simulator

How much money can you actually make by Starting a Dog Daycare?

To answer that question PAWS designed the Dog Daycare Profit and Loss Simulator, this easy to use tool allows you to realistically simulate all of the financial aspects of running a Dog Daycare before you even get started.  Calculate your gross profit, net profit, expenses, overhead, taxes, daycare income, and dogs needed per day to reach a net profit goal. You may also add any additional income and expense categories that you choose.


Here are just a few more of the things it can do.

  • Choose the services you will offer and the prices that you will charge, it will give you're gross profit, net profit and average income per month per service, over the course of the next 5 years.

  • Input the percentage you would like to grow your business per year, it will give you your projected growth for the next 5 years, including gross and net profits, the number of dogs that will use your facility in each of the next five years, and what services they will use, taking operational costs and other expenses into consideration.

  • Accurately determine how much employees will cost you, the PAWS Profit and Growth Simulator will figure employee monthly and yearly wages, the social security that you pay, along with the total workman's compensation liability, and automatically adjust your net profit accordingly.

  • Set the number of employees, set the wages, and get the costs.

  • Not sure how many dogs a day you will need just to cover expenses? Click the Estimator On Tab and enter your expenses it will give you the exact number of dogs you need per day to break even.

  • Do you have a desired NET Profit Goal in Mind? Not a problem, Click the Estimator On Tab and  enter your desired net profit, it will calculate the number of dogs needed per day to reach this goal, taking labor, operational and overhead expenses into consideration.

  • Do you plan on offering boarding services?  It will automatically recalculate by raising or lowering the number of daycare dogs needed per day to reach your net profit goal as boarding numbers increase or decrease.

  • Accurately calculate the true cost of Operating a Dog Daycare facility for the next 5 years, what your true profit will be and what your future expenses will be

  • Income and Expenses are also shown in easy to read charts that display the percentage of the total that each each one represents.

  • Fine tune your numbers and print the results.

  • Use the simulator to help you accurately create a realistic Dog Daycare Business Plan.

  • Accurately calculate the true cost of Operating a Dog Daycare facility before spending your life savings.





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Take the guess work out of Opening a Dog Daycare

With the PAWS Dog Daycare Profit and Loss Simulator you can accurately determine exactly how much you need to make in order to cover your expenses, and how much you need to actually turn a profit. This tool gives you the ability to look at different variables and how they will effect your business years down the road. It can show you that by dropping your prices by one dollar and bringing in just one more dog a day you will actually generate an extra $9,000 a year in net profit.  


The Simulator gives you the ability to fine tune and plan your business finances before you ever open your doors.



*This software was developed on a desktop using XP, while it is possible and has been made to work correctly on a Mac there is no guarantee as to its compatibility and no support is offered for that purpose.

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