Dog Daycare Startup Manual "From Concept to Completion"

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The entire Dog Daycare Start Up Manual in an easy to view PDF document that you can instantly download to your computer.

This manual includes everything you need to know to take your idea of owning a dog daycare from the concept stage to the completion stage with 217 pages of detailed information. In it you will find that every topic you need is covered in detail, to include suppliers lists, dealing with customers, handling dogs, advertising, design, what construction material to use and more..

This is not your typical fluff filled document written and marketed by an individual that did research on dog daycare, but never spent one actual day operating one. This document is written by an actual owner/operator with 12+ years experience owning and operating a successful Dog Daycare in both and up and down economy.

In it he provides not only his knowledge and experience but provides it in a way that is not only easy to read and understand but covers areas others dare not touch, such as "What to do if a dog dies?, How to realistically break up dog fights, and how to handle problem customers"  

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