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Dedication to: Mocho

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Here I sit some years after losing NIKO to write another dedication for a lost companion. This time for “Mocho” our beloved pound puppy Labrador Retriever. I can remember when we first found you, it was me and my wife going to the pound to pick out our very first dog together. We walked up and down the aisles looking at all the smiling, wagging, barking faces trying to decide whom would be the new addition to our family. I was set on a big husky mix named Spot, my wife was not so sure about such a big dog so I agreed to walk the aisles one more time with her in case we missed something the first time; and missed something we did, we missed seeing you the first time around. There you were, sitting in the back of a fenced kennel lying down not making a sound, with a look of utter hopelessness and despair. It seemed as though you had given up hope. At that time I had no idea why you were so quiet or why when all the other dogs were barking and begging to be taken home you sat quiet and small trying to be unseen. What I did know was the second my wife set her eyes upon you it was a done deal and you would become a member of our family.

What we came to learn after speaking with the adoption staff was that you have been severely abused, so much so that someone had burned and scarred you with a clothing iron. It was for this reason that you wanted to be invisible from human eyes. I could certainly understand as your trust in humans had been shattered and well from your point of view we were probably all alike at that point. I remember us taking you home that first time in my tiny little Toyota pickup truck. I was driving and you sat on the floor board with your head in my wife’s lap. I remember us giving you your first bath and watching the dirty water just pour off of you. I remember how quickly you bonded with my wife, and her with you. It worked, at the time I was in EOD school at Englin Air Force base and you and my wife kept each other company during the day.

I remember being stationed in Japan once my school was completed and how upset you and my wife were when we knew you would have to live with my family for a while I was there. I remember how scared you were some months later after a 20+hour flight when we picked you up at the Airport outside of Iwakuni Japan to reunite our family once more. We shared so many memories, the three of us.. You grew out of your shell with us, and we grew as a family with you. You swam, you played and provided us joy your entire life, and we cared for and carried you in your late part of yours. Mocho we miss you, we really do, we hope that we as your human caregivers were able to give you half of the joy that you gave to us. Thank you Mocho for providing me and my wife with so many years of happiness.

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