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Australian Nuts Are Poisonous To Pets

Plant Name: 

Australian Nuts

Scientific Name: 

Macadamia integrifolia




Specific Toxin Unknown, Only shows as elevated serum lipase activities on blood tests.

Poisoning Symptoms: 

Depression , uncontrollable increase in body temperature, weakness, tremors, stiffness of the muscles, vomiting, increased heart rate.

Additional Information: 

Macadamia Nuts, (aka. Australian Nuts, Queensland Nut, Bauple Nut, Bush Nut and Maroochi Nut) are commercially produced nuts that are commonly eaten individually, or are found as ingredients in certain cookies and candies. These nuts are toxic to dogs and clinical signs may develop from as little as 10g/kg of body weight, with symptoms generally including vomiting, ataxia (gross loss of coordinated muscle movements), weakness, depression, inability to stand and hyperthermia (uncontrollable increase in body temperature).

First Aid: 

Administering a mixture of 3% hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting will empty the stomach of any undigested nuts, preventing further absorption/digestion of toxins, once vomiting ceases administering activated charcoal with a cathartic (a substance which accelerates defecation) such as 70% sorbitol will speed the passage of nuts through the digestive system and reduce the absorption/digestion of toxins. Most animals make a full recovery within 24-48 hours. Consult A Veterinarian.

Species Affected: 
Toxic To Dogs
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