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About Paws Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, and Dog Grooming - PAWS


Why Paws Dog Daycare?

At Paws we are truly dedicated to providing the utmost in quality pet care and canine socialization. We dedicate ourselves daily to providing a positive experience for pets the moment they enter our facility. We are also dedicated to giving back to the community and have partnered with numerous Animal Rescues, and other organizations that try to find qualified homes for loving pets.

We foster and provide valuable training and socialization for dogs the belong to rescue groups, by offering this service to rescue groups, it provides rescue dogs from various backgrounds the opportunity to become well rounded, socialized, good canine citizens. This in turn makes our rescue guests more adoptable and smoothes the transitional phase from their past to their new loving home.

Dogs are social animals and as such need to be able to interact with other dogs to learn dog skills. When they are spending time at the PAWS they have a chance to socialize with both humans and canines. They are immersed in an environment of structured fun and playtime. We know that when you get home after a hard day of work, you just want to have some quite time and relax. However your pup is bouncing off the walls ready to play. You are all that your pup has and they rely on you to provide adequate amusement and attention.

When you let your dog participate at PAWS it provides a positive outlet for them to expend their energy, and you the owner feel good knowing that you are truly providing for your dogs best interest. We have overnight suites available and unlike other facilities we don’t keep you pet caged during the day, they are allowed to play with other dogs in a fun, safe, and structured environment that includes play time, nap time, games, and anything else that a dog could want.

We are very proud of our Dog Daycare and would love for you to take a tour and meet our staff. We know that you will be so impressed that you won’t want your dog to stay anywhere else. You will leave knowing that when you dog stays with us they are getting the absolute utmost in pampering and personal attention.









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