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starting your own dog daycare

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Pet Sitting Vs. Dog Daycare

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Pet Sitting Vs. Dog Daycare


Pet sitters are paid professionals that come into your home and provide care for your dog or cat while you are away. Most pet sitters will also offer services such as bringing in the mail, tending the plants and ensuring your home maintains an occupied look in order to deter crime.


The main disadvantage to hiring a pet sitter to come into your home is that your dog is still left alone during the day. The other problem with hiring a pet sitter is that you have no real way of controlling when or how often your hired pet sitter will actually show up, there is also no easy way to verify this information after the fact.


Then of course there is the issue of allowing a stranger complete and total access to your home and personal items while you’re away.


Dog Daycare on the other hand provides your dog a social outlet in a fun, safe and supervised environment, most Doggy Daycares also offer boarding services as well. This allows you to be away doing human stuff and your dog has the opportunity to do dog stuff while being a member of a well socialized pack. When you choose to take your to Dog Daycare there is no longer a need to worry about your dog being lonely while you are gone, as they will be plenty occupied having a great time with their canine friends.


Which service is right for you will depend upon your personal comfort level and your dog. For dogs that don’t do well with others, or have medical conditions that limit the amount of physical activity they can have then Pet Sitting would be the logical choice. For dogs that play well with others, or that have a high level of separation anxiety that would lead them to destroy the home while your away then Daycare would be the logical choice.


If your interested in starting a career in Pet Sitting why not Start a Paws Dog Daycare instead. When you open a Dog Daycare you are not limited by time to the amount of dogs you can care for a day. Opening a Dog Daycare allows you the opportunity expand upon you dream of working with dogs, while not limiting yourself in the same way that a pet sitting business does.


Dog Daycare gives you the opportunity to provide all the love, hugs and kisses that you would as a pet sitter in one central location, so instead of you driving from one location to the next to take care of the dogs, the dogs  drive to see you. By starting a Dog Daycare business you can provide love for many more dogs in a day than you can as a pet sitter, this also provides a much higher income potential for you.


So if your interested in pursuing you dream of working with dogs, then contact us to see about opening a Paws Dog Daycare.



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