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The Insecure Dog Personality

Understanding The Insecure Dog Personality


The insecure dog lacks self confidence and purpose, being extremely submissive and generally fearful of new situations. The insecure type requires close supervision around both the confident and outgoing personality types as the confident will have a tendency to bully the insecure while the outgoing personality types extroverted socialization attempts may be interpreted as a threat. The insecure will be very quick to bear teeth or snap and lash out in situations where it feels threatened or cornered. If this is done to a confident or outgoing it will generally result in either the confident or outgoing reacting with force further reinforcing the insecure personality’s already fearful and undesirable state.


The insecure dog will bond very closely to their owner and require constant companionship and encouragement to bring out the good traits. The insecure dog is a difficult personality as they do not handle being left alone well, tending to lean towards or suffer from high levels of separation anxiety that results in howling, whining, urinating/defecating indoors while the owner is away and other destructive or negative behaviors. The other challenges that owners of insecure dogs face is that a group socialization setting such as dog daycare or a dog park can be a terrifying experience that will result in the insecure pulling back further into himself. It takes patience and time to really bring the insecure personality out to a point that they demonstrate positive socialization with other dogs.


In the Daycare environment you will find these to be the dogs that sit in a corner alone appearing fearful and distant. They may also bear teeth or snarl if approached to quickly or if they perceive there to be an imminent threat. Remember this is not an overt aggressive personality but a fearful personality that is reacting for the sake of perceived self preservation. This personality requires special attention and closely controlled and supervised socialization to begin to flourish in a Dog Daycare environment. Do not force the issue or push them into the middle of the group hoping to jump start their socialization skills as it will only result in them becoming further repressed. This personality is very slow to adapt to new and never before seen circumstances, reverting back to fear or fear biting as a default to get them through. Attempts to dominate or break this dog’s biting attempts through domination should be avoided at all costs as it will only reinforce this personality’s already fearful nature making them more prone to lash out and with less warning or provocation.


The insecure dog will flourish in a predictable and structured lifestyle where everyday is basically the same as the one before. Owners need to insure that they use positive reinforcement at every available opportunity and remain patient while not being overly demanding.


The insecure type is not compatible with the aggressive and will retaliate or react violently when placed in a situation in which they feel there is an imminent threat to their safety, forcing the aggressive to react with force and resulting in further damage to an already fragile psyche.


The insecure can be compatible with both the confident and outgoing so long as there is supervision to prevent bullying from the confident and to prevent the outgoings extroverted socialization methods from being interpreted as a threat which again would force the both the confident and outgoing to react forcefully further reinforcing the insecure personalities’ tendency to lash out or react negatively in situations that involve other dogs.


The insecure type is highly compatible with the independent and adaptable personalities with little or no chance for conflict due to the adaptable personality’s tendency toward submission and the independent personality’s general aloofness and lack of desire for pack activity thus creating a situation in which two dogs inhabit the same home with little social interaction between them.


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