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Supplies Needed To Operate a Dog Daycare

The Minimum Supplies You Need To Operate a Dog Daycare.


When starting a Dog Daycare there are going to be a lot of things that you need to purchase to get your dream off the ground. When building anything you are first going to need to proper tools to get the job done, building a Dog Daycare Business is no different. If you don't have the proper tools and supplies readily available then you will find yourself ill equipped to handle day to day operations. This will reflect negatively on the professionalism and appearance of your Dog Daycare to potential as well as existing customers.

To operate a Dog Daycare facility you will need at the very minimum the following items:


  • A mop and mop bucket- (the most important two items you can own, I’m talking the industrial type, not the el cheapo versions that people get to clean a kitchen floor)

  • Bleach/Kennel Cleaner- Most pathogens can only survive in the environment a few hours (canine distemper) or at most a few weeks (Bordetella) and all of them are made inactive by virtually all routinely used disinfectants. Adenovirus is an exception; it is can only be eradicated by a handful of disinfectants, including household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) diluted at 1:32, or roughly one/half cup of bleach per gallon of water.

  • Window cleaner- Anywhere there is glass there will be dog nose and paw prints.

  • Broom both the standard type and the janitorial push broom type

  • Dust pan

  • Leashes

  • Towels

  • Pee proof furniture or bedding

  • Chew Proof furniture or bedding

  • Stainless steel water and feeding dishes (also try and get some red anodized dishes to use as an identifier for dogs with medical issues if you will offer boarding)

  • Flea and tick shampoo, regular shampoos, flea combs and general dog maintenance items.

  • Canine First Aid kit

  • Human First Aid Kit

  • Muzzles

  • A distraction device- To break things up when the dog are getting to rambunctious (A coffee can taped shut with coins inside works great for getting the dogs attention)

  • Storage bins for holding each dogs individual leash, collar, luggage etc. that can hold an index card with the pets name on it. You can use hooks, but if you have over night boarding you will need bins.

  • A trash can with a closable top, for disposing of solid waste.

  • Poop Bags

  • Desktop computer, phone and fax machine

  • Kennel Management Software

  • R. Financial Software

  • Cash Drawer that is COMPATIBLE with your kennel Management Software

  • Refrigerator

  • Logo Imprinted Forms, Stationary and Business Cards

  • Digital Camera

  • Liability Insurance

  • Coffee Maker- Although not a requirement, you will find that when you first start a Dog Daycare you have to be at work early and your days will be long. Having a coffee maker at the store to help give that extra perk in the early morning hours is nice.

  • Microwave

  • Shop Vac

  • Deep Sink

  • Always keep a Change of Clothes at the store as well

  • Dehumidifier -If you offer grooming this will help in pulling all the moisture from drying dogs out of the air. The air conditioning is usually not adequate enough by itself.


Notice that a lot of the items in the list deal with cleaning, because that is what you will do the most of.  Dog Daycare is a messy business and you have to maintain it in a clean and sanitary condition for the protection and safety of your four legged guests.



Recommended Air Purifier

One thing that you will come to find out when operating a dog daycare facility is that dogs have a nasty habit of making your facility filthy in a hurry- floors, walls, doors and everything in between including the air that you breathe. One item that you need to consider for your Dog Daycare facility is an air purifier. It serves a number of important purposes. Aside from just removing dander and dust from the air, it will remove the doggy smell as well as eliminate and kill harmful bacteria that are constantly floating through the air which can cause the rapid spread of illness from one dog to the next.

We recommend the NQ Clarifier Standard Commercial Model with UV.


The product description is as follows:

“This is a serious air purifier when you need a serious job done. The American manufactured NQ Clarifier does not compromise the quality of its internal parts. The efficiency of its HEPA filter is among the best that we have ever tested, and can last 4-5 years. The NQ Clarifier copes with the needs of people for whom clean air is not just a pleasant choice, but is critical to support their lives. It is an excellent choice for multiple chemical sufferers. The Clarifier has very fast clean air delivery rates at high speed with over 90% efficiency at each pass. Therefore, they are especially useful for critical filtration of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria, and cover up to 1200 sq. ft. depending on the model chosen. The huge amount of coconut fill carbon handles a variety of noxious odors and gases.”



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