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Interested in Starting A Dog Daycare Business but need a little more information?

We know that Starting a Business in Dog Daycare is a career choice that should not be taken lightly. One that requires dedicated research, a solid business plan and dedicated consultants and support to ensure that you make the launch of your business a successful one.

PAWS offers phone consultation services to assist you in making sound, informed and educated decisions about starting your very own Dog Daycare Center. We can help you answer any questions you may have before you spend tens of thousands of dollars because inexperience caused you to miss one important detail. It only takes one oversight to spell the difference between success and disaster when you are taking care of not just a pet, but rather a customer's furry child.


Your Dog Daycare Business Questions are answered by industry professionals

All of your questions are answered by an actual facility operator, not a phone representative looking in a manual. We understand that each situation is different and that each location comes with its own unique set of challenges. That is why we provide you with an individual that is knowledgeable and capable of answering your questions. Questions that can only be accurately answered by someone with actual hands on experience in the industry, someone that has been where your are and turned their dream into a successful Dog Daycare business.


You may still be trying to decide if Starting a Dog Daycare is the right decision for you.

You may be unsure of what information you should have in your Dog Daycare Business plan

You may be trying to decide if you should look at a Dog Daycare Franchise or go it alone.

Or maybe you are already operating your own facility with only limited success, whatever your situation, whatever your question.


PAWS is here to help you get on the right path to either grow your existing Dog Daycare, or Start one successfully.



We offer three convenient Dog Daycare Business Phone Consultation Options to fit your needs

Per Minute of Live Technical Support with an actual Dog Daycare Facility Operator

$2.50  (Note Minimum Billing Time is 10 Minutes)


15 Minutes of Live Technical Support with an actual Dog Daycare Facility Operator



30 Minutes of Live Technical Support with an actual Dog Daycare Facility Operator





1 Full hour of Live Technical Support with an actual Dog Daycare Facility Operator




Due to issues in the past, I will only accept prepaid card cards for payment up front in order to provided phone consultation services or information regarding how to start a pet care facility of your own. 

They may be purchased at any Walmart, CVS or any location found HERE


Upon Purchase you may also call the PAWS main line at (941)268-7809 to schedule a consultation.


Terms and Conditions:
This purchase is for one continuous block of time, and one phone consultation. The consultation may not be divided or split into multiple calls or fragments of time. Ensure that you have the questions you would like to discuss readily available to facilitate the best use of your time. If you choose to end the consultation prior to the complete use of your purchased time, there will be no refunds, for any unused time remaining. This purchase is for a phone consultation only, additional services that you may request will incur additional fee's and will only be performed after payment has been received.

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