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Dog Daycare Onsite Consultation Package Two

PAWS Partnership Onsite Consultation Package Two


The Paws Onsite Consultation Package Two provides future Dog Daycare operators  the ability to lean on our experience and expertise during the build out and pre launch phase of their planned facility.  This consultation package consists of one 14 day visit to your location.  Generally this package is utilized by providing detailed phone and email support during the design and pre build out phase, with onsite consultation being most useful toward the end of the build out and just before the grand opening to fine tune your marketing effort and practice your procedures, dog handling and customer relations skills carrying over into the grand opening day. 



  PAWS Partnership Onsite Consultation Package Two: $16,000

Onsite Package Two provides you will all of the following:

    • 14 Days of hands on training at your facility

    • Design guidance and information

    • Hands on construction assistance and do it yourself ideas to save you money

    • Escape Proofing your Facility

    • Methods of integrating other Pet Related Services into your facility to earn additional revenue

    • Web Site Design instruction

    • Complete Operations manual for running and operating your business

    • Assistance with finding the right location to fit your budget

    • Assistance in negotiating a lease

    • Zoning regulations research for your specific area

    • Unlimited life time technical via email and 1 year of Phone Technical Support

    • Canine Behavioral and Pack Mentality Training

    • Employee Applications

    • Access to wholesale pricing on Dog and Dog Daycare related items

    • Knowledge and Assistance on gaining free advertising for your facility

     Onsite Package Two Consists of One Visit to your location.




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